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When you see the images of crystal blue waters and white powder sand you it’s difficult to believe, however visit this beautiful island and the scenes in reality look even more stunning! Luxury golf resorts, high quality service, local culture and history and not to mention the food. This tropical island is highly recommended for a relaxing winter sun golf break.

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Mauritius Golf Holidays

Mauritius has always been a global competitor for luxury holidays, and so its evolution into one of the premier luxury golfing locations in the world should come as no surprise. If you’re searching for exciting golf courses against a stunning backdrop of natural beauty, look no further than Mauritius.

Any true golfer must sample the delights of Mauritius at some point. The conditions for golf are simply unparalleled. When you consider the ideal temperatures alongside such an outstanding area of beauty, you start to see why Mauritius has attracted leading golfers to its shores and why it continues to grow as a golfing destination. Several of the popular courses on the island have been designed by top golfers, so Mauritius golf holidays offer an opportunity for you to test your skills against the challenges laid out by the professionals.

Golfing in Mauritius is an experience no golfer can afford to miss. Come and take in the stunning scenery and make golfing memories of a lifetime.

It may be a small island, yet Mauritius boasts more world-class golf courses than many of its larger rivals. It all started in 1902 when the British Royal Navy established the first course on the island, making it the oldest golf club in the Southern Hemisphere. The Gymkhana Club still thrives today, proving a splash of golfing heritage to the challenging courses the island has to offer.

Mauritius is not only an incredible golfing destination, it also has plenty of other attractions. Being an island, it is, of course, brilliant for water sports. Many visitors to the island take a dive down into the depths of the ocean to experience the beautiful coral and mysterious ship wrecks that date back to the 18th century. Dolphin cruises are also popular experiences, with tours leaving just before sunrise to allow you to see some of the most magnificent creatures in the sea. Nor is Mauritius just about water sports and the sea. Visit venues like Le Caudan Waterfront to experience the very best in upscale shopping or enjoy a spot of racing at Champ de Mars, the oldest race course in the region. Mauritius is an ideal holiday destination to sample luxury at all levels.

The range of courses in Mauritius suits golfers of all abilities. You can sharpen your skills on basic 9- hole courses or challenge yourself on some of the world-class championship 18-hole courses. The courses allow you to hone your accuracy and efficiency, providing tempting challenges to all golfers, no matter what level they’re at.

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