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With only a 7 hour flight, Dubai provides a appealing mix of modern culture, history and world-class service. The climate is perfect for playing winter season golf, we have a number luxury resorts and courses to choose from.

Dubai Golf Courses

Dubai Golf

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What can you say about Dubai that has not already been said? It is not exaggerating to say that Dubai has something for everyone, because in reality it really does have everything. As Dubai is a new golfing destination, it is incredible to see the strides that have been made in such a short time.

In Dubai you can play some of the world’s top golf courses, take in some relaxing, tax free, retail therapy There are 300 extravagant outlets in the Dubai Mall, or you can simply enjoy the fantastic weather.

It is not just the golf courses that are new because there are numerous, luxury fantastic quality hotels throughout Dubai, which makes the stay even more special. In the evening take a stroll to the Dubai Marina with its eateries and bar and marvel at the wonders of the place. However, if you’re a serious golfer, then it is the place to be.

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